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Biographical milestones

Born in Chios, Greece, on April, 10th, 1936.

Until 1972 was a professor of art in Doxiady Technology Institute.
During the period of dictatorship in Greece, 1967 - 1974, refused to cooperate with the regime, and two attempts on his life made him look for refuge in Canada.

1975 - 1985: Specialized in monumental murals in public places.
Particular murals inspired by his native landscape are located in The National Greek Tourist Organization, The Greek Cultural Center, and Expo Exhibition on Terre des Hommes.

1985 - 1994: Worked and lived in Israel, painting the interior of new Greek Orthodox church on Mount of Olives, and restoring 2000 icons from the treasure of the Greek Orthodox Patriachate in Jerusalem.

1994 - 1995: Restoring old paintings in The Monastery of The Holy Fathers in Chios, Greece.

Died in Chios, Greece, on April, 15th, 1995.
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