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Kyrillos Veniadis
The Lebanese child This child's photograph appeared on the cover of an American magazine during the 1982 war in Lebanon.
Kyrillos often demonstrated clairvoyance abilities that expressed through speaking as well as in his paintings. Here is a painting that was done during the war in autumn of 1982, while still living in Canada. Prime Minister Begin is depicted sinking under water. Several years later Begin sank into depression and disappeared from the public scene.
On the other side is the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gourion riding a white horse. which sugges ta subtle association with the Messaia. He is led by a beautiful young Israeli woman. In the backround one can see the "monster with ten heads that is comming from the sea" as told in the apocalypse. The "Monster" according to Kyrillos is a war ship, and the "heads" are nuclear heads.

This s an example for painting on painting. Originaly the painting was done in 1981, after Kyrillos' first visit to Israel. It depicted the sea and the beautiful woman walking on the beach. In 1982, Kyrillos painted over and added the above scene.

Oil on board, 1982
Canada, Montreal

80cm x 60cm

Oil on board, 1982 Montreal, canada
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