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Kyrillos Veniadis
The Perssian Carpet This is the first painting that Kyrillos had painted in Israel in December of 1984. Like many other paintings it carries an unconscience hidden prophesy.
The then religious leader of Iran, Houmany, is unrollong the perssian carpet which reveals a fleet, a war ship, and the red army is surrounding Jeruslem.
In the backround divers religious figures are fighting each other, sceanes of rape, disaster, mother is holding her child, she is praying, she cannot do better then that.
An angel is descending over Jerusalem with a letter - a message in his hands but no one is paying any attention.
years later Achmadinijad replaces Houmany. Hopefully the disaster depicted in this painting would not turn into reality.

98cm x 78cm
OIl on canvas
1985, Israel
Oil on board, 1988
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