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    The Seven Spheres Of Evolution
    Earthquake In Armenia 1988
    The Third Eye
    Up To Glory
    The Monk And The Bell
    Bathing in The Lake
    Madonna and Child
    The Perssian Carpet
    Ceiling of the Church
    Under the cross
    The Crucifiction
    A portrait of a young girl
    The Lebanese child
    The Family The Scud and The Corrmorant
    My Brother from The Holy Fathers Monastery
    The newly wed couple
    Naomi Shemer and Elinoar
    The sea of life
    The three hills of Jerusalem
    Eleonora in front of the lake
    Ferrm Neuve Quebec
    The Celestial Temple
    Eleonora sings
    Celebration in the Castro
    Near the Cemetery
    The prince and his beloved
    The holy city
    Kyrillos in the boat
    The African woman with blue hair
    The tank.
    No Title 2
    The Return 1
    Jerusalem the holy
    The birth of the anti Christ 666
    The purple woman of the Apocalypse
    The sacrifice of Isaac
    Naomi Shemer and the land of Israel
    Canadian landscape 1
    The house on the lake
    Visions over Moav mountains
    The Golan Heights
    The Letter
    Hana and Elinoar
    The Ship of Joy
    Canadian Landscape 2
    The Priestess
    Dinner in Ein Gev
    The Soldier and The Angle
    Canadian Landscape 3
    The Egg
    Nightmare 2
    The Ladder
    A Dream
  The Church
    Ascending Into Jerusalem
    Ceiling 1
    Ceiling 2
    The Good Samarian
    Ceiling 3
    Ceiling 4
    Wall 1
    Ceiling 5
    The Crucifiction
    Wall 2
    Ceiling 6
    Corner 1
    Corner 2
    The Second Coming of Christ
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