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The Church On The Mount Of Olives
In July 1985 Kyrillos was asked by the late Father Gregorious (1929-1996) to paint the Patokratora, the top ceiling of a new church in Beith-Fagy- Monastery.
The Patokratora is especially demanding operation from a perspective point of view. The structure is round like a half ball yet the head of Jesus and the angels should look right from below. The result was so fantastic that Father Gregorious asked Kyrillos to continue and paint the iconography of the entire church. The work lasted for nearly four years with minor intervals.
The site of the "house of figs" (Beit Fagy inHebrew) where Jesus took the donkey and ascended to Jerusalem.(Mark11, 1-11, Luc 19,28-39,John12,12-19)
The scenes that are painted are according to strict rules and regulations that are customary in the Orthodox Church in the Byzantine style. onography traditions have been developing during the centuries as to how the Holy Land looks. those traditions were created by artists who never step a foot on the holy sites. Yet, Kyrillos often indicated that when he painted he simply opened the window and depicted the landscape that he saw in front of him. That is why in many scenes like the "resurrection of Lazaros" or "Jesus ascending to Jerusalem" with the donkey, one can go out of the church and recognize the hills in the north that Kyrillos painted in the backround.

In the traditional paintings of the Apocalypse, the angels are pushing the sinners with spears, Yet the spears of Veniadis become war airplanes with nuclear heads, and the "Day of Judgement"is coupled with nuclear bomb amidst typical christians symbols. Veniadis believed that man would not be able to controle the tecknological achievments that would lead into a disater.

The colors are vivid and fresh that brings to mind the colors of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel before the dark patina was applied, (as it was evident in the restoration that was done in the mid eighties).

Above the main entry door to the church there is the scene of the crucifixion. Under the crucified Kyrillos painted very small figures of the Greek singer Maria Farandouri, the late Panagoulis, who was a victim of the 1970th dictatorship in Greece, and Moshe Dayan, the late Israeli army general and a member of the government.

More and bigger portraits were those of Teddy Kolek the late mayor of Jerusalem, Elias Fredge, who was the mayor of Beth-Lechem, bishop Gregorious of Beith-Fagy, and the Patriarch Theodoros, both were still alive at that time.

Ascending Into Jerusalem

Ceiling 1

Ceiling 2

The Good Samarian

Ceiling 3

Ceiling 4

Wall 1

Ceiling 5

The Crucifiction

Wall 2

Ceiling 6

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Corner 2

The Second Coming of Christ
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